All Memberships for the 2022 Swim Season have been filled and we currently have a waitlist.  

To be placed on this list please email

Prior to sending your waitlist request, please review our Pool Rules & Regulations to ensure you are aware of our policies. 

All 2022 memberships must have been paid by Sunday, May 15, 2022 by midnight in order to avoid a $25 late fee.  Prices below do reflect an additional $85 annual maintenance fee. Maintenance fee of $85 is FULLY REFUNDABLE to those members who contribute 4 hours in helping prepare the pool and surrounding property for the summer at the annual Worker Weekend. *Active bond is required.


*Family Membership
Annual dues of $340 + $85 Maintenance Fee
Defined as adults and children living within the same household

*Nanny Fee: $40

A non-family member of a current bond holder who will take the child(ren) to the pool during the 2022 season. A nanny is only able to use the pool when the bond members child(ren) are present.


*Individual Adult Membership
Annual dues of $275 + $85 Maintenance Fee
18-54 years of age


*Grandparent Membership
Annual dues of $340 + $85 Maintenance Fee
Defined as adults 55 and better who may list up to five grandchildren (no older than 18 years of age) on the membership. These grandchildren do not need to be living in the home of their grandparents and may participate on swim team. Parents and any grandchildren not listed on he membership will be required to pay the standard guest fee when visiting the pool.


*Individual Adult Membership
Annual dues of $275 (no maintenance fee required)
55 years of age or better