2020 Member Letter has been updated May 6, 2020 to reflect the continuing changes Covid-19 brings to our community.

Dear Rockbrook Pool Members,

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we welcome you and your family to the 2020 Rockbrook Pool Season. We hope the pool will open Monday June 15th, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. We are excited about the 2020 season! Lap swimming and our Division A Champion Swim Team will be offered again this summer if the season allows.

We are still actively hiring lifeguards and will be interviewing. If your 16 year-old (or older) would to be part of our amazing staff, please have them fill out an application here.

We know that Covid-19 has had a substantial impact on everyone’s daily lives. With that being said, we are hoping to open in mid-June. Please be aware that our operations are dictated by city, state and federal requirements, and this could change at their discretion. If we are unable to open the pool, all members will be refunded their 2020 membership dues, however an operating fee may be assessed.

As always, we continue to make improvements to the pool and grounds so that Rockbrook Pool remains a fun family atmosphere and a pool we are all proud to call our own. Restroom floors will be refinished, and the hopes of a new drinking fountain are in the works.

Please be sure to read this entire letter for information.

Membership Details

Please note, unlike in years past, we will not be using Active for our membership processing. With the possibility of issuing refunds in the event the pool can’t open, we are trying to avoid losing the non-refundable fee that Active takes of each registration. So, we are going old school, and you must mail in your registration and check to:
Rockbrook Pool
6211 S. 109th Ave Circle, Omaha, NE 68137

Please print off, fill out the last page and mail in with your check. In order to avoid a $25 late fee, all 2020 memberships must be paid on Sunday, May 22, 2020 before midnight.

We have added a new Individual/Duo Membership. For single or couples without kids (residing at the same residence), a cheaper option than the Family Membership is now available.

*There will be no Trial Memberships this year due to Covid-19. Trial Memberships should be an option again next year.

Everyone will be required to sign-in to gain entry to the pool. We ask that you and your family memorize your bond number so your account is easily accessed upon your arrival. There will be no guests allowed at the pool this year due to occupancy level concerns with Covid-19.

Rockbrook Pool has kept the same dues constant since 2016. Unfortunately, with the increased cost of insurance, taxes, staffing, and overall operations to the pool, we had to make a necessary minor increase ($10) to the 2020 dues. More info can be found on the New Member page on the website.

Worker Weekend – May 23, 2020

Worker Weekend will be May 23, 2020. To receive a $75 refund on your membership fees, you must participate in a shift for worker weekend. As we are still restricted by the maximum 10-person limit, we will have 3 shifts, of 3 hours each, with 10 members at each shift. A sign-up will follow next week. Refunds will be processed and sent out via check by July 1, 2020. To ensure the safety of everyone, we ask please no children under 15 to Worker Weekend. *Please bring work gloves and masks.

Hours of Operation

• Adult Swim/Lap Hours:
Monday – Friday, 12:00p – 1:00p. This is the only time lane ropes will be provided to swim laps.
• Swim Hours:
o Monday – Thursday, 1:00p – 8:00p
o Friday, 1:00p – 9:00p
o Saturday, 11:00a – 9:00p
o Sunday, 11:00a – 8:00p
• Modified Hours After District 66 Returns to School May be discussed at a later date.


If you wish to relinquish your bond, please notify the pool in writing/email by July 1, 2020. If you do not provide notification by July 1st of your intent, you will be responsible for the current year’s dues and maintenance fees, and waive your right to sell your bond and it may be forfeited.

Rules and Regulations

It is very important that you review the pool’s rules and regulations as well as go over them with any family members who will be enjoying the pool. Following the rules and regulations is respectful to the guards and members of the pool and expected behavior.

Gazebo and/or Pool Rental

No rentals due to Covid-19.

Membership Recruitment

Rockbrook Pool continues to be the place for summer fun. Help spread the word about membership opportunities to your friends and family. Share/repost marketing you see on social media or refer interested individuals to our website. We are nearing our membership cap, and will soon start a waiting list.


Members can sign-up to receive email announcements. Please let us know if you are not receiving emails from the pool so we can trouble shoot. We do not want any of our members missing information! As stated before, we will also be posting on Facebook and Instagram when important announcements need to be made.

The pool will again use Remind as a tool to communicate through texting, emailing or through the Remind App. Many may be familiar with this application as it is a program the Omaha Schools use to communicate with families. Members are able to text “81010” and place @g3cbak in the message line to sign up to receive text announcements about pool activities, early closings or other important information. Members may also send an email to g3cbak@mail.remind.com. There is no need to enter anything in the subject line or the body of the email. Lastly, members may download the Remind App to their smart devices and enter @g3cbak to join the group.
As always, we encourage you to visit the website’s events page for a list of activities planned for the summer.

Rockbrook Division A Swim Team Sneak Peak

Rockbrook continues to have an amazing swim team experience for our kids! Sneak Peak and registration will be addressed once we confirm with city and state the status of the pool opening, with an exact date and location to be announced. Please be sure to check back for updated information about swim team before the season starts.

2020 Pool Board Directors Information

President- Nick Adams
Vice President- Danny Hershiser
Treasurer- Grant Leach
Secretary- Erika Conces
Social & Concessions- Diana Nolte
Pool & Grounds- Derek Michel
Lifeguard & Swim Team- Chris Hangren
Long Range Planning- Jackie Grau

We are hopeful for a fun filled summer with our Rockbrook members with the guidance of city and state guidelines.

2020 Rockbrook Pool Registration

2020 Rockbrook Pool Registration PDF

Please make checks out to ‘Rockbrook Pool’ and mail to 6211 S 109th Ave Circle, Omaha NE 68137

____ Family Membership $385.00- Adult(s) and their children living in the same home. If this is your first year after a trial membership, you must also purchase a Member Bond.
____ Member Bond $200.00- Each membership needs a pool bond. Once you have a bond, and stay current on your yearly membership dues, no additional bonds are needed. If you’d like to sell your bond, written notice must be given prior to July 1 of the current year.
____ Grandparent Membership $385.00- Defined as adult(s) 55 and older who may list up to 5 grandchildren (no older than 18 years of age) on the membership. These grandchildren DO NOT need to be living in the home. The children may participate on swim team. Parents must pay a $5 guest fee when visiting.
____ Senior Membership $245.00- 55 years of age and better and includes your spouse if he/she is 55 or better. $75 maintenance fee is waived as a courtesy for our seniors’ service over the years.
____ Individual/Duo Membership $320.00- For a single or couple, 18 to 55 years age, with no children.
____ Nanny/Babysitter Pass $30*- Allows sitter or nanny to bring the children listed on the family membership.
$___________ Order Total
Name: ___________________________________ Bond #______________
Address: ____________________________________________________________________
Email :____________________________ Phone: ____________________________________
Spouse: __________________________________
Child: ___________________ Age: ______ Child: ____________________Age: _______
Child: ___________________ Age: ______ Child: ____________________Age: _______
*only needed if a membership adds the Nanny/Babysitter pass option